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  1. Here is a video of me using the Kingslinger Soft Wash System at my house showing the kind of reach you can get.
  2. The new Kingslinger Soft Wash System is a great system with a small foot print. Great for putting on a Truck Rig or Trailer where space is limited. Perfect soft wash pump system for house washing, building washing, roof cleaning. We also other soft wash equipment you can check out at our Pressure Washer Store
  3. If you are a member here you can get this forum in an APP on Apple or Google.....just search Doug Rucker's School in the IOS App Store or Google Play... This is a great way to have the educational information you need while on the go or on a job.
  4. Command higher prices for your battery stain and rust jobs. Here is a typical sales track we use: Battery stain sales track Selling Battery Stain Removal jobs: "Battery stains are unlike any other stain a homeowner could have. Battery stains are 31-50% sulfuric acid in concentration and even though concrete is alkaline, it does not have the power to neutralize those stains. So, the acid remains active for many years. Every time it gets wet, the water reactivates the acid, which dives it deep into the concrete and spreads on the surface. This is why you see the orange battery burn run down the concrete. EPA, stormwater compliance and regulatory officials consider these stains hazardous, corrosive, toxic and carcinogenic. Even when dry, the particles can be kicked up in to the air, leading to respiratory issues. It can also be tracked in the house, carpet, etc. (this is where I ask the homeowners if they have walked through it and then walked into their house... if they have, I will recommend to have their tiles and carpets cleaned). So, the active battery stains can eat through an entire 6" slab of concrete, promoting premature deterioration of the concrete slab, ultimate leading to a tear out and replace situation. Maximum fines for homeowners who have hazardous stains going into the storm drains can be up to $37,500 PER DAY.” We can fully neutralize the battery stains, turning the sulfuric acid into sodium sulfate, which is basically as non toxic and benign as table salt. (You do this by putting down F9 Double Eagle Degreaser at 8:1, sometimes stronger). The stain will be put in check and never reactivate again or cause damage to your concrete unless you get more acid on it. White stains from the concentrated battery acid will remain, and you can normally get 85-95% of the remaining orange acid burn (realistically you'll get 99%). The concrete will be clean, bright and much newer looking. So: 1. Battery stains are hazardous, toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic. Battery acid is 31-50% sulfuric acid and extremely dangerous. 2. The battery acid stain must be neutralized immediately into a non-hazardous state (use F9 Double Eagle, 5:1 to 8:1). F9 DE turns Sulfuric Acid into Sodium Sulfate. 3. Water will reactivate the battery stain. You can burn your feet if you walk through it and you don’t want animals or kids playing in that area. If the battery stains are white and dry, the flakes can turn into dust and become airborne. This can be deadly for your health and cause lung damage. 4. If not neutralized these stains will continue to grow and expand, reaching deep into the slab and the orange may eventually drain into storm drains. This will compromise the strength of the concrete and could result in steep fines to the homeowner. ~ A simple PH test can help confirm the acidity, alkalinity or neutral PH of the concrete. You normally want to test the “white” part of the stain as this will be the most concentrated acidic area. Selling regular rust removal and fertilizer rust stain removal jobs 1. Rust will damage and oxidize the surface it is formed on. 2. Rust will continue to harden over time and become more difficult to remove. 3. Other rust removers will etch the concrete, permanently removing the cream and leaving a “scar.” 4. The only other options to remove the rust (on concrete/hard surfaces) is to grind, sandblast, bead-blast, scarify, coat, or tear out and replace. 5. All these options result in damage or are more costly than hiring YOU.
  5. From Craig Harrison What’s the difference between F9 Double Eagle and F9 Groundskeeper? Groundskeeper is a product to use if you don't have thick built up grease and oil, but you DO have oil stains just beneath the surface, dirt, tiremarks, shopping cart marks, light rust stains, coffee stains etc. this is a MAINTENANCE cleaner, which means accounts like Walmart, Costco, Drive Thru’s etc and anything with Industrial Strength Concrete- Stadiums, etc. this is not for residential concrete. F9 GK will get the concrete super clean, and that clean will last longer than if you used high pH cleaners. If you have thick oil, food grease and oils on top of the concrete surface, F9 Double Eagle is our "Double Purpose" Cleaner/Degreaser and Neutralizer. This is an excellent product to remove the thick and for concrete maintenance with an alkaline, high pH product. DE is also used to neutralize low pH products, like our F9 Efflorescence and Calcium Remover (F9 Efflo). For maintenance accounts where want to make the concrete "Pop" and keep them looking cleaner longer, use our low pH cleaner F9 Groundskeeper. For those types of accounts you could pretreat the thick stuff with Double Eagle, clean the oils down to the surface of the concrete, rinse off the oils, then use your F9 Groundskeeper over everything and surface clean. Dwell time is only a couple minutes and it doesn't matter if you use hot or cold water. Most guys try both products and see what works best for them. Groundskeeper pulls out caustics in the surface and subsurface levels and brings the surface pH back down closer to neutral. The chemical reaction of GK makes the concrete more white and has more of a hydrophobic action when stained. If it does become stained the stains release easier than when they are repeatedly cleaned with high pH cleaners. The problem with high pH cleaners is that they build up in/on the concrete and pull more dirt/dust/sand and grime into the surface. Even after cleaning, the concrete can have a dingy look to it but using high ph cleaners is definitely necessary for topical oily buildup. So basically, treat thick oils with DE first and clean them off. Rinse and while wet put down 10:1 GK or recommended dilution. Dwell 5 min and surface clean. OR, For maintenance cleaning sidewalks like Chic-Fil-A’s, wet with water and go 10:1 with F9 GK. Dwell 5 min and surface clean.
  6. From Craig Harrison! This is why u don’t experiment with chemicals! Hydrochloric Acid Acid Q&A: Hydrochloric Acid Let me tell you a little story. There’s been some talk lately about some guys using regular cheap, inexpensive Hydrochloric Acid for calcium or efflorescence removal. HCL is also known as Muriatic or “pool acid”. This is a common ingredient in many cleaners, but just because a professional cleaner (like F9 Efflo) has HCL, doesn’t mean it’s the same HCL that is in Hydrochloric. F9 Efflo has buffers, inhibitors, wetting agents and surfactants. Thinking you can just dilute HCL down and make your own cleaner can KILL YOU. One whiff of pool acid can land you, your contractors or your customers in the hospital. Ask me, I know! I used to use this stuff 20 years ago and have seen just how destructive it can be. We have had customers get sick from walking 100’ away from where we were working. In the early 2000’s I also personally caught a solid whiff of a very common industrial brick cleaner that had HCL… and here’s what happened. Again, this is from ONE WHIFF. My throat felt itchy and my lungs felt dry. I was dry-heaving at night, experiencing extreme pain in my lungs, abdomen and throat. Couldn’t sleep, toss and turned all night. After on and off Dry-Heaving for 6 hours I had severe diarrhea and I started to have difficulty breathing. My body began to ache really bad so I laid down. I couldn’t get out of bed for the next 5 days. My body was hurting so bad I couldn’t move. One touch to my skin and I would scream in pain. It was EXTREME. I couldn’t move my neck and shoulders more than 1/4 “. I lost my voice for 3 days. It took about a week while the pain travelled down to my legs then back up to my neck and shoulders. After 2-3 weeks the final bit of pain went from my throat (after it went from my throat, to my lungs, to my feet and worked its way back up to my throat) to the back of my tongue. Then every day the pain would travel closer to the tip of my tongue, but I still couldn’t taste food. This must have been the last of the toxins finally making their way out of my body. The last few days of this experience (took about 30 days to recover) that the pain finally reached the tip of my tongue my eyeballs actually peeled a small thin layer of skin. Yes, actually peeled. I was blinking out some kind of thin eyeball skin. During this month of joy I lost 18 lbs. I couldn’t eat solid food for the entire month and it all-together took close to 6 months to fully recover. And this isn’t even the whole story.. just most of it. I would never ever want ANYONE to have to experience this. And I am not the only one to have experienced this. I have see other people with other companies experience the same things. Or worse. This is one of the main reasons I created safer products. It was either get out of the business or make something that my employees and I could work around. If you’re going to use HCL products for cleaning, especially Industrial Pool Acid, make SURE to wear a hazmat suit, proper PPE, glasses, gloves, boots, respirators, tape off and put up caution signs around the areas you are working. Also, leave using regular pool acid, aka “muriatic” off this page. I sure wouldn’t want you or someone working for you to get hurt . Use it if you like but know what your dealing with.
  7. When setting up your soft wash dedicated pump or downstream injector you may want to install bulk head fittings at the top and then a drop tube down into the tank. this allows you to draw from the top of the tank and not have bulk head footings at the bottom. The only bulk head fittings you want at the bottom are for water feeding the pressure washer.
  8. Whenever you have to install bulk head fittings in a tank, you always have to drill a hole using a hole saw. The plastic shavings will drop into the tank and if you don't vacuum them out them you could get them into your pump causing damage. Here's a little tip and trick for Keeping Plastic Shavings Out of Your tank.
  9. Here is a great resource for hard surface restoration cleaning. This is an awesome book to keep in your truck. Great reference for when you are cleaning rust stains, calcium, efflorescence and other inorganic stains requiring restoration work.
  10. Just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to the site...please feel free to ask any questions in the appropriate forum and I'll help you as best I can. New members in the last couple weeks that joined us here... Southern Solution Extremely Clean Blue Palm Pressure XstreamProWash Grime Washers
  11. Welcome Ashley Jackson of Freeman Pressure Washing to the forum.
  12. Welcome to the forum VistProSmartWash
  13. My first free Houston Pressure Wash Training Event started back in 2014 and we had over 50 people in a room that could only hold about 35. I was amazed and thankful for all the new contractors that came out to learn about the Pressure Washing business. When I was starting a pressure washing business, we did not have this type of training available. WE basically had to learn on our own. Make mistakes and learn from it. Forums like this one, not to mention Facebook weren't even thought of back then. From time to time I'll post pictures from some of the events through out the years, sort of like a pressure washing event library and hopefully maybe leave a little detailed description of what was going on in the picture. Hope you Enjoy. The picture in this post, is from 2018. Patrick Clark led us in a small group discussion as we group the attendees in small groups and discussed various aspects of each persons business. It was great seeing guy's that in some cases competitors in the same time, discuss different methods of Soft Washing, Marketing, Sales, and other challenges in each business model.
  14. One of the services we provide when pressure washing houston is cleaning stucco. We always use out soft wash cleaning method to protect the stucco from damage as well and surrounding plants. In this picture we you can tell how bad the stucco was stained. We safely removed all the stains and restored the stucco back to it's original condition. We also teach this method at our monthly schools here in Houston as well as our online school. CALL or TEXT us at 2818838470 if you are in need of our cleaning stucco houston texas services.
  15. Your Front9 restoration products can be purchased through my store at https://www.dougruckerstore.com/product-category/front9-f9-restoration-products/
  16. We dont use these anymore as our trucks have back up cameras.....but these work great if yours doesn't have one.
  17. I also have a gun swivel available, great for rotating your nozzle as you cleaning. https://www.dougruckerstore.com/products/mosmatic-gun-swivel-rs6935/
  18. Here is a video that may be helpful if you follow in Facebook Groups
  19. We were called out to this home to see if we could restore stucco areas that had been badly stained for quite awhile. Before replacing the stucco the customer wanted to see if our low pressure washing cleaning method could remove these stains without damaging the surface. Often times we have customers that have surfaces that can be restored back to there original condition, instead of costly repairs or replacement. Any time our Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas services are being used, we always assure that we will not damage the surface during our cleaning process. Call or text us at 2818838470 for all your Stucco Cleaning needs.
  20. Here is a video I just posted on my online video school and though it might be useful here as well.
  21. Yes it works great for a 12V...in fact the soft wash system we sell comes with a 5GPM pump. Remember this is for a dedicated pump, not for a down streaming w a pressure washer.
  22. Our next pressure washing and roof cleaning school is September 10&11. Sent from my iPhone using Doug Rucker's Pressure Cleaning School mobile app
  23. From San Antonio Tx we had Sterling Alexander here with us this week for the school. While here, Sterling also picked up a Gunslinger Soft Wash System to take back and get started. Sent from my iPhone using Doug Rucker's Pressure Cleaning School mobile app
  24. From the album: Pressure Cleaning School

    Hands on Training at the School showing how to clean tow th three story's from the ground.
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