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  1. Houston UAMCC

  2. Pro-Posal

    DOUG IS this what you use for you route work.
  3. Deals

    someone is getting a another drum of roof snot...lol that 55 gal a year?
  4. Cargo Van Slide Out For Pressure Washer

    Hey that's a good idea mike...
  5. Hello Everyone , I made it Here to the Doug Rucker House of PW

    Doug you doing a good job keeping him straight lol !!!!
  6. Tank

    You to doug.. About getting time for saltgrass again??
  7. Winter

    That the way it is in in louisana ...
  8. Houston UAMCC

    There goes my budget for this month lol
  9. Dumpster cleaning new orleans

    Was not bad to clean when you have the right degreaser.. I will buy someone a beer in Houston that can guess what I used...
  10. Tank

    I havenT forgot about ya doug...
  11. Winter

    The Weather for the event looks good
  12. Houston UAMCC

    Good douG will make Chris buy us a lunch lol
  13. Winter

    I wish winter would hurrry up and end.. It had been a very cold winter for sure.
  14. UAMCC Rebate

    I hope to see more thongs like this in the future..
  15. Houston UAMCC

    I am going to be there on the 18th.I am staying at the resort..